Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Land of Painted Caves

The Land of Painted Caves - Jean M. Auel I’m an Earth’s Children fanatic. Ok, so I don’t go to the RPG summer meetings and try to live off of the fruit of mother earth, but I’m pretty obsessed with the books. I started reading the 3rd book in the series, Mammoth Hunters, when I was about 13 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC when I saw that the 6th book was available for pre-order. While waiting for the book to be shipped to my home, I started reading reviews to try to get a feel for what it was about, and sad to say, most of them were negative. I probably read through about 100 reviews and there were maybe 3 or 4 that had anything positive to say. I know there will always be a few negative remarks no matter what you’re reviewing, but most of these were very similar in their opinion. I’m happy to report that while there was some redundancy (with the names and ties, the Mother’s Song, and the description of the many caves) I was overall very pleased with the book.  To be honest, after about the 3rd cave I started skipping the descriptions because they all seemed to have the same animals just painted a tiny bit differently, but it wasn’t anything like I had expected from reading the reviews. Of course I’m always going to wish there was more, or that Jean Auel had added a little bit more closure to certain instances, but that’s to be expected with most series. So, my advice? Buy it! Especially if you’ve already committed the last couple decades of your life to the Earth’s Children series. It’s worth it. As with her whole series, there are very descriptive love scenes so if you’re considering these books for you son or daughter, just be forewarned.

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